Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Bicker Edition


To say things have been tough around here would be laughable. Things have been TOUGH! I am talking some seriously we are married because we don't believe in divorce and at some point we will get to where we like each other again tough. Let me make it very clear though...I LOVE my husband. More than I could have imagined possible. It's just been a stressful time for us and when things get stressful, we tend to put that on each other. Husband is working some crazy hours. He has to work at least 3-24 hrs shifts in one week. Then he has to go to school all day 2 days a week and then he has to pull in at least 1 clinical day a week. So, if your adding that up that means we are lucky to have one good day together. It's been stressful. He is exhausted to say the least, his brain is fried from trying to keep it all up. The kids are starting to get seriously grumpy when he leaves. They take their grumpiness out on me. I get grumpy. Its a sad, never-ending cycle. We are just praying that God get us to August when he will be done. We can't even begin to imagine what life will be like when he is only gone 3 days a week. I dream about those days! They sound wonderful. This is the only summer in my life that I will be wishing for it to hurry up and be over with! August, please, please, come fast. We miss our Sirworksalot!

Example of the absurdity of our dumb arguments around here:
(We were washing dishes together, Sirworksalot actually had a Saturday and Sunday off)
Him: You didn't get this dish clean enough, can't you see that?
Me: No, I didn't or I would have washed it.
Him: How can you not see that??? Did you even look at it??
Me: Yes, I did! Why would I put it over there without looking at it? You are a crazy Dish Washing Nazi!
Him: bicker, bicker
Me: bicker bicker
Me: (the wife starts laughing hysterically)
Him: Are you bipolar?? What are you laughing at? Your crazy!
Me: We are arguing over dishes! Who truly cares!! (continues to laugh like a fool)
Him: (starts laughing like a fool)

See it's the dumb things that get us. We do love each other maybe in August we actually get to enjoy each other too. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow ... I totally can commiserate with you on this one.

My husband took a promotion 2 years ago now as a supervisor at his work and ever since, he's been "gone" from home. Crazy hours, working 10-12 hours at least each day, leaving after I left for work and coming home as I was going to bed, only to then work on classwork and weekends were just the same.

We would fight, too. Over silly things that we didnt' need to be fighting about. And we had to make it a point to schedule time where it was a happy night at home watching a movie or eating dinner together. Specific rules of NOT biting each other's heads off or being pissy. It seemed to work ... perhaps absence does make the heart grow fonder? O wait, I bet that was actually the wine ... LOL!

JMarkAfghans said...

Hello, via SOCS:
We have the opposite at our house - he's disabled, I'm primary caregiver, and we see each other 24/7.

The please-just-shut-up mantra rolling through my brain only, occasionally, shoots out of my mouth. lol

all.things.fadra said...

My husband worked at a miserable job for years. And it made us miserable. Now he works from home. With me. Yeah. That's not always so easy either. But as long as you see the situation for what it is, you'll both be okay :)