Thursday, April 28, 2011

Capture The Everyday: Kids Favorite Spot

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

This Week’s Assignment:
Your Kids’ Favorite Part of the House

All three of the kids, LOVE making forts! The location itself really doesn't matter but they love getting in the forts and playing for hours. This is the girls room and this just so happens to be one of the locations that a fort is built in the most because of the way the girls beds make a good area to build upon. Have a mentioned that I still ADORE my girls rooms?? I will have to do a post on that another day, the kids rooms. We worked so hard to get them to be soo cute!

I built this fort with Miss Squeaky this morning so the other two are at school. They will be excited to come home and play in it and make it even better than mom. Their goal every time is to make it better than the last one. They get pretty elaborate with their ideas.


Join in at Adventuroo and tell us what your kids favorite part of the house is!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm LOVING Wednesday!

The beautiful charm comes from Tiny Love Treasures

I can't wait to order it!! It is such a perfect mother's necklace to replace the one I last a few years ago! And holds such special meaning in this family.

I am LOVING that I just finished my last assignment for one of my classes and only have a final left for it. I am sooo LOVING that for the rest of my classes I only have 2 weeks left! WHOOT! Then 3 full months off!

This swing is a new addition to our yard and it is LOVED by all! My daughter loves to sit on it and read. I love to sit on it and watch the kids play or enjoy the company of my husband.

And it may have already been used for a wonderful afternoon nap because of it's awesome feature of laying down!

So, what are you loving on this Wednesday?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because They Make me Smile

Two of my favorite people. Two of my biggest supporters.

The one on the left is my best friend. She is THE friend. You know the one that you can go to with the stupidest of things and she WILL laugh AT you not just with you and thats why you love her. The one that will hold your hand through the thick stuff and never leave your side when she is needed. She is THE friend.

The one on the right is my Auntie. I adore her and my uncle. They have been there since I was born. I don't remember a time that I couldn't count on them. They adore my kids and treat them like their own grandchildren. They are always at every single birthday or family function. Family is very important to them. When I was on my own at 17 with a baby in tow, broke as broke gets, random and annoynmous gift cards to brookshires would come in the mail to buy groceries and I only ever knew it was from them because I knew my Aunts handwriting. When my girl wanted nothing more than a vanity barbie set from Santa Clause when she was 3 and we simply could not buy it, she made sure it was bought. I never asked. It's not just the financial support, it's the feeling of knowing you are loved and supported through your good and bad.

Family and Friends...they are the special gifts God gives us to remember how special life is and to keep us reminded on what is important.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday-Livin on a Prayer

I am linking up with Bon Jovi this week, his Livin on a Prayer is what our church band sang this Easter Sunday. I looked on our church website and they didn't have the video of our band singing this song but this is what they sang this weekend as part of a series we are doing on prayer. It was AMAZING! I am not exaggerating, our band blew this song away. I LOVED it and am going to find out if they have it anywhere online or disc to see if I can't show it to you.

In the meantime, enjoy this oldie...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy Ranger Fan

I LOVE the hard-core Rangers fans!! Check out his mowhawk in the shape of the T!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Picture Overload

This is how I spent my 28th birthday. It was the BEST day!

My favorite picture of the night!

My boys took me on a date to the Rangers game which we were all excited to be going to! We left the girls at home because they tend to get a little bored. ;) They had a night out with the MaeMae (my mom)

I looked for weeks for a Texas Rangers shirt that I liked and couldn't find one that I truly liked. I came across a post Hollie did on making one for her boys team and I tried to do the same. It was a little off but thought I did good for my first attempt! I was given tips from a friend for how to make it better next time and will be working on a birthday project for Miss Squeaky!

My favorite to men in the entire world!

It was autograph Wednesday so the Aggrivator got to get Julio Borbon's. He was very excited.

Before the game and before the purchase of 3 Rangers hats!

This might have come home with us for Miss Squeaky's birthday! She is a Mickey Mouse fanatic and I couldn't resist!!

Our game view...they really were great seats. I thought it would be a little high, we were on the second level but I loved being able to see it all!

Derek Holland autograph

At one of our favorite spots in Arlington, Humperdinks. It's an awesome sports bar and grill. Their hamburgers are sooo awesome!

Julio Borbon again.

Overall, it was an awesome day! The Ranger's lost to the Angels 4-1 but it didn't matter to us because we loved being there! We found out about a program for the Ranger's kids club and plan on looking into that because it gives the kids tickets to go and half price parent tickets! That would be amazing! We can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Year Gone, Bringing on 28!

Another year closer to 28! Am I the only woman on earth who really doesn't freak out over getting older? I have had so many woman say, "oh, no 30 is looming!" Bring it on, I say!

A Baby picture of myself....cute huh? ;)

I went to do a little birthday post and in search of finding a baby picture of myself, I came across this one and was stunned at how much my boy actually looks like me! I was telling my husband about it and Madame Emotions was nowhere in sight. Later she saw it and said, "Momma, if you cover your forhead and mouth, the eyes and nose, look just like The Aggrivator!"

Ever since he was born everyone has always said how much he looks like his daddy but the older he gets the more I see of myself in him. I LOVE it!! These kids really are mine! :) As if the hourse of labor and birthing them didn't count as proof!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a Gorgeous Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend! It started out with an amazing turn out at our massive church garage sell which we do in order to bring people into the church for Easter Sunday. It was truly amazing. Then we were of to my best friends baby shower for her 5Th child who happens to finally be a BOY! Their first boy. And last. They said they are done having they got their boy! Sunday was church which I just can't even begin to tell you how much I love our church. LOVE them! Then we came home to put together this (a stock photo)... and plant these....

We planted the knockout roses last spring and this one really bloomed while the others on the corners have struggled but they finally have new growth on them! Then this Spring, we added all the smaller prettier flowers. Then we put new knockout roses in front of the house. Didn't get any pictures of those yet, waiting to get all the mowing done so it will be a pretty picture!! We loved spending all day out in the yard! It was so nice and relaxing, a LOT of work but still relaxing in a way. Oh and we are also building a fire pit! It's not done yet, that is our project for tonight! And get the pool cleaned! We are getting everything ready for our family Easter celebration this Saturday so lets hope the weather is gorgeous!

On a side note...I am so tired of the weird format issues with blogger lately. I can't seem to get anything to look like I want! Ugh!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Mom Fail

(This was written last week.)

I had a fail mom day yesterday. A day where at the end of it, you get get in the shower, and you just slump over and cry. Or atleast that's what I do with my frustration. I call those mom fail moments. The days where you need someone to hug you and say your doing great but instead you get told, "you just need to realize you have great kids." Yes, I KNOW I have great kids. They are AWESOME kids BUT sometimes and somedays they are not so awesome and being the mom is not so easy. So, just give me a hug or shut up!

My almost 5 year old has decided since she didn't go thru the terrible 2's so much she is going to go through the terrible end of 4's, I am about to be 5. It's truly awful. For the first time since she was 2, she threw a kicking, screaming, trying to HIT her daddy fit at some church friends house last week. Then she did again 2 days later. And again last night. All because she didnt get her WAY! REALLY?? Because the first time I wouldn't let her walk upstairs, the second time because she didn't want to eat her dinner but wanted more candy, yesterday because I didn't let her walk the way she wanted because it was a busy street. A horrible mother, I know right? Where is this coming from? What is going on? Aren't we past the age where kids act like this? My boy has always kept me on my toes but as for throwing tantrums at this age, no. And oh my heavens at the amount of whining! I truly hate it. I mean really, really hate it! Who stole my adorable, sweet child? Honestly, during the day when it is just us two, she is awesome. I don't know if she is starting to act out because she is simply used to just us time and I keep telling her school is coming and she knows she won't have that anymore. I don't know. I am grasping at straws. It's not happening everyday but coming from a child who has never acted like this it seems so bizarre. I have been told that for some people their 4 year old was the thoughest age for them when they were little. Maybe that's just the case. Mom fail.

Then we have the oldest, who is hitting her pre-teen age who is honestly a great kid whose trying to find some independence in way of an attitude. Fun preview of the future, I tell you! She is having the hardest time in Math. Her grade went down over a 30 pt range last 6 wks and when we requested a mtg. with the teachers, we were told, "she's really not even on our radar for concern." REALLY??? Why? Because that is a huge, significant drop. She is not grasping the concepts and they still refuse to offer her extra tutoring. I am math stupid, so I can't help. The husband is math awesome but it's like she refuses to learn from us. I do not know how to help her or how to get the school to put forth more effort in helping. It's so frustrating. She needs extra tutoring but unless we can find someone to do it after school then the school is willing to let her just slide on by. FRUSTRATING to say the least. Mom fail.

So, a combination of these two issues occured yesterday and to say I was feeling beat down is putting it mildly. I was defeated. The husband came home to find me in the shower, crying. Bless that man for not running and hiding. I wouldn't have blamed him. He basically told me I'm awesome which is what I needed to hear and then proceeded to go help pre-teen with her homework. The evening ended on a good note. I love my kids, just sometimes being the mom is tough as all you mom's know very well.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Shower Projects

I have been soo excited to give these gifts to my best friend this weekend! I've been working on them all this week and they have turned out great! The pictures are pretty awful because I used my phone but wanted to show them off!
Baby J's Rag Blanket

Burp Cloth....I have several more of these to make, they have ragged edges too.

And this is a cloth changing pad with ragged edges on the top side and smooth on the bottom to lay the baby down on. These have been fun projects to work on! This baby boy is so very special because he is the 5th child and the ONLY boy! He is going to one day love having a bunch a sisters with their gorgerous friends around the house! I look forward to making a real rag blanket in the future with some gorgeous fabrics.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Capture The Everyday: Three Kitchen Items You Can't Live Without

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo
The Crock *Pot is a #1 must have in our house! When you have 6 people in the house and sometimes more you learn to cook easy, economical meals that will go far! And not to forget the need for leftovers to feed Sir Worksalot the next day for lunch! It is currently pictured without it's actual bowl and lid because it was used last night and in the dishwasher!

Remember all those people I told you that I feed with that Crockpot? Well, that wouldn't happen without these items being my morning ritual! I need my coffee! I usually have a cup in the morning and early afternoon.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Winner Is......

A month and half later, I am announcing the winner to my book giveaway! And the winner of this amazing true story on the life of Josh Hamilton is....





Basically, because I love the book that much, Amazon sales it for a great price, and the low amount of entries, I am giving you all the book! I looked and didn't see any other entries on any other post so you four send me an email or leave me a comment and I will email you for your addresses! I use Amazon, so I will just ship the book straight too you!

I really hope you enjoy it and share it with others when you are done!