Monday, November 28, 2011

Drama Queens lead to Drama Glees

The dramatics of a 5 year old can be exhausting, but at the same time it leads to great story telling.

Miss Squeaky: (while in Old Navy) Oh meeeee, my belllllyyyy hurts!

Me: I'm sorry.

Miss Squeaky: (in the most dramatic voice possible) Oh! Just throw me to the ground and drag me! Oooooohhh me!

Me: (hysterical laughter)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Proud First

In our family,  it is a very special event when a boy gets to go on his first hunting trip.  The time had come and my uncle took my son. (Daddy had to work) He was so excited and now Mom is impatiently waiting for his return.  I was informed that it's a man trip and mind didn't even get to call!  So for 3 days its been silent around here. All too silent.  Man trip.  Pft! I want to here from my boy!  He will be back today and while I hope he's having a blast,  I want him home!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living Life

I'm still here. We have so much going on that I would love to share and just haven't had the time to do. I wonder if any of you are even still out there! I miss blogging, but have discovered that living my life hasn't left much time to speak about it!

Sir Worksalot is loving his job. It's wonderful to have him home more since he has officially graduated from paramedic school. He passed his national exam with flying colors. He is just a few short weeks away from having his own truck with a basic medic under him. I am extremely proud of him.

I am finishing up my last few weeks of this semester. It's been a tough one. I have been going to school forever and always find it tough and a struggle with the kids, but never realized how much harder it was going to be by adding in work to the mix. I will be the first to say though, I love my job! I love all the people and have really come a long why in battling my shyness. I find myself talking to the most random of strangers even in public now, not just work!

All the children are doing great! They are all anxiously waiting for Christmas and Snowflake made his appearance again on Thanksgiving. We weren't home though, so Miss Sqeaky was very worried that he missed us while we were gone! I had to reassure her that he was fine, he's magical so he knew where we were!

This is us in a nutshell. We are busy as always. We are enjoying life. I have some pictures that I would love to post at some point. I have some funnies I would love to mention. We will see if I ever actually get it done! I miss you my lovelies!