Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Momma, can I sleep with you?"

"Momma, can I sleep with you?" 
(The kicks in the back, the repeatedly being woke up, do I really want her to sleep with me while Daddy is gone?)
"Yes baby, don't forget Mickey"

As she lays beside me, I think of all the times she has played, cried, laughed, and done everything a child should do. Did I capture the memories in my heart enough? Will she remember? Will I? Do I worry too much and forget to enjoy life, enjoy my children? 

I look at her and I am struck by her beauty, she truly is a beautiful child that God gave me. I love in such a way nobody could have told me I could love. Our children are perfectly imperfect and what better gift in life have we ever been given? They are beautiful, they are ours. He gives them to us to care for, teach, and love like no one else will.  We never know when our time is gone, so we have to learn to love now, cherish now, enjoy them now. Don't miss it. While they might not rememer every memory, they won't forget being loved. Love them like He loves us. What a beautiful gift His love is for us.