Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Posts

With my schedule being a bit crazy right now these mini post just might be all I get out right now. I wrote a really long one last night that was raw and honest but couldn't push the post button. When I ramble in deep true honesty I usually end up second guessing whether I should actually post it. It really was a jumbled mess. So instead, you get this...

Sooo exhausted I could cry. Need sleep ASAP. And yet it is not to happen anytime soon. Coffee isn't cutting it right now. What is your afternoon pick me up of choice? It was such a long night last night and a very early morning to start. I am willing to bet that I crash hard tonight. But in the mean time there are these little short people who keep calling me Momma who need me. At least their cute ;)

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Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm scared

I have to take all three of my kids with me to work tomorrow. Please pray I don't lose my ever loving mind! Dread this sooo bad!

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Music Monday: The Band Perry

Music Monday: The Band Perry

If I Die Young

I have this thing about me where I get in my moods where I want to listen to Country music and will wear it down or suddenly so sick of it I refuse to listen. Not sure why but I go through my stages. I am actually in a mood where it's not what I am listening to but I love this song! She reminds me of Taylor Swift and I am definitely an adult who loves her! My girls love this song too, they yell at me to turn it up anytime they hear her voice.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playing Around

Love this!!

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Dead Brain Cells Edition

All Things Frada brings us....

I have nothing today. Nothing. I guess that is what happens when you spend your entire weekend doing absolutley nothing! Spend the day with the hubs on Friday but mostly posted on that yesterday...read about our day here. I spent the entire evening last night playing and figuring out the ipad....LOVE IT!! I slightly miss my kids but really I am enjoying some refreshing time away from them too. Now, I think I miss them most in the mornings when they aren't there climbing in my bed. I love our morning time! My husband only has 3 months left of school, I am stoked! And he passed his biggest exam of he semester with flying colors last week! I am so proud of him. He is amazing. I discovered this week how much I enjoy working again. I have been a stay at home mom for so long that I forgot how much I love feeling productive and being around other adults. I don't regret staying at home at all because those are years that you never get back but I am kinda looking forward to the Fall when Miss Squeaky is in school too. I am considering taking on a position where I am helping out at right now, it would be a perfect position to work around my fall semester at school and make it to where I could be home with my kids when they get out of school. I call that a win! I am suppose t take 15 hours of school in the semester though so not sure if it will all be too much. We will see. My rambles are pretty lame today. Sorry, the laziness has got ahold of my brain too apparently!
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

I have been having log in issues all week with blogger. So frustrating! I have been wanting to post about several things but haven't been able too. We watched God work in our life this week in an awesome way...can't wait to share it! Will share it when I can get logged into to my main computer.

My kids are camping with the grandparents and the husband is at work so I have an entire day of doing what I want to do. It's lovely. I worked a few hours this morning then had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in years. Now I am home playing around on the iPad and being lazy!

The husband was so sweet and bought me the iPad yesterday. I have been wanting it for school to use while on campus and been thinking about it for awhile. I just wouldn't buy it, I have a hard time buying anything like that for myself especially when we are both students trying to get by financially. So he took me to a store yesterday and said we will walk out with one. I said no we won't, he said yes we will. He had the finances all figured out for us and we landed an amazing deal because the store was out of stock of the one he wanted so now I don't feel guilty about it. He had worked it all out just for me. I thought it was incredibly sweet.

With the kids being gone we had an amazing time of enjoying each other all day. I kept looking at him thinking how lucky I was and so glad he's in my life. We laughed all day and I can't tell you how much we needed that. It a was perfect day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

He has us in His hands

....when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.
For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance
has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is
fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.
James 1:2-4

Our pastor said a few weeks ago how when you are going through struggles you can either choose to have joy through the struggles or you can curse them. He went on to say either way the struggle is still there so why not choose to have joy over the struggle. It doesn't make it easy or necessarily go away but atleast you know you are choosing to find the joy around you and celebrate that. That we can trust in God to take care of us no matter what the situation is. It's not a guarenteed card that says, "because you believe, life will be easy" Nope. We didn't get that card for sure. But I did get the card that says, "there is joy all around, find it through the good and bad."

Today has been a true test of that.
Over the last few weeks little things have happen to try to damper my spirit like I spoke of on my post Sunday. The schedule we are maintaining is tough but it's been other things like the air conditioning going out, husbands car breaking down and needing a new engine. Those things tend to beat you down but we did good in finding our joy through it.

Then came today. Husbands car breaks down. again. And with what happen it might be that the engine was damaged in the process. REALLY??? I mean COME ON!!!!!!!! That is what I have been thinking because at this point we NEED his car and we don't have the option to go out and buy a new one or at this point spend the money AGAIN to fix it. So, needless to say, we were feeling beat down. But I just kept running through my head what our pastor spoke on and that he did an entire sermon Sunday morning over having faith and not being discouraged and once again, finding the joy. I came home and found that scripture and just read it. Then held on to my Bible, which might sound silly, but, I just clung to it. Needing to just hold on to Him in the best way I could in that moment. Because I WILL find my joy in this struggle. I will be a encouragment to my husband who is feeling defeated. I will be his shoulder in this moment because he is feeling beat down. And I can do this today for him because I know that I have my strength and joy in the Lord. And when hubby wakes up in the morning, I am sure he will find his again too but sometimes we all feel beat down and need to borrow strength from others to remember that God has us all in His hands.

Random Monday

Our internet hates us. We hate the company. The switched owners and it was going to be oh so awesome, oh so better. It's worse. Lots worse. And the best part??? We can't switch to anything else because it's the only company that works out here in the boonies and by works I mean, only works well about 5 hours a week. Have I mentioned that I hate our internet company.

So, Music Monday won't be posted because ya know, the internet...it sucks. You get a random post instead.

I started working last week. Just a few days a week for the next month or so to help out at my old job. I enjoy it, I enjoy being around adults throughout the day and I get to take Miss Squeaky with me and she is sooo awesome. I bring her coloring books, toys, and a small portable DVD player and she is set for the day. I lay out her awesome nap mat and she is content. Love it! Next week I have to start taking all 3 kids with me. Don't love that. When mixed together in an office for hours, it's not a good thing. We might all go crazy.

I am starting back to my workout routine today...it might kill me. I know it won't but I lost my awesome inserts to my workout shoes from New Balance and they are they only thing that keeps me from having shin splints. I must go by there this afternoon and by new ones. But in the meantime, the workout this morning should be fun!

Okay, I am now officially running late to work...off I go! Hopefully, the internet will start working well enough to post a video later.

Have a lovely wonderful Monday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Bicker Edition


To say things have been tough around here would be laughable. Things have been TOUGH! I am talking some seriously we are married because we don't believe in divorce and at some point we will get to where we like each other again tough. Let me make it very clear though...I LOVE my husband. More than I could have imagined possible. It's just been a stressful time for us and when things get stressful, we tend to put that on each other. Husband is working some crazy hours. He has to work at least 3-24 hrs shifts in one week. Then he has to go to school all day 2 days a week and then he has to pull in at least 1 clinical day a week. So, if your adding that up that means we are lucky to have one good day together. It's been stressful. He is exhausted to say the least, his brain is fried from trying to keep it all up. The kids are starting to get seriously grumpy when he leaves. They take their grumpiness out on me. I get grumpy. Its a sad, never-ending cycle. We are just praying that God get us to August when he will be done. We can't even begin to imagine what life will be like when he is only gone 3 days a week. I dream about those days! They sound wonderful. This is the only summer in my life that I will be wishing for it to hurry up and be over with! August, please, please, come fast. We miss our Sirworksalot!

Example of the absurdity of our dumb arguments around here:
(We were washing dishes together, Sirworksalot actually had a Saturday and Sunday off)
Him: You didn't get this dish clean enough, can't you see that?
Me: No, I didn't or I would have washed it.
Him: How can you not see that??? Did you even look at it??
Me: Yes, I did! Why would I put it over there without looking at it? You are a crazy Dish Washing Nazi!
Him: bicker, bicker
Me: bicker bicker
Me: (the wife starts laughing hysterically)
Him: Are you bipolar?? What are you laughing at? Your crazy!
Me: We are arguing over dishes! Who truly cares!! (continues to laugh like a fool)
Him: (starts laughing like a fool)

See it's the dumb things that get us. We do love each other maybe in August we actually get to enjoy each other too. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Capture the Everyday: Time for an Uprgrade

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Assignment: Something you need to upgrade.

I wouldn't say it's something I need to upgrade as is it's something I need to replace! Our dishwasher went out months ago and we just haven't gotten around to buying a new one. Honestly, the only time I miss having a dishwasher is when we have big get together and their are loads and loads of dishes to do. Mostly, we didn't use our dishwasher unless we had a party because I am really good about cleaning as I go through out the day and while I am cooking. It also helps that we live off of using paper plates. We use the fine china around here! ;)

The broken, non-draining dishwasher

I will say though that I dream about having the pretty thing right here....

Now this one, I know for a fact, is AWESOME! My aunt has one and I LOVE it! It has two different drawers and you can either run both or just use one if you only have a few dishes to wash. AWESOME!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday: The Skirt Edition

I love all my crafts and LOVE learning to sew different projects. I am still a beginner in the sewing department but my new favorite LOVE is these super simple skirts that a simply adorable on the girls! I LOVE that you can add some leggings and a tank top and you have a full blown adorable outfit. I went out and bought Miss Squeaky several different colored tanks and matching leggings to go with a huge assortment of fabric I picked out to make her skirts. These are a few I have made so far..

 This is my favorite so far...LOVE the red and black together...she is so stinkin cute!

The owl fabric skirt was made for my cousins girl, they LOVE owls! I can't wait to see her in it.

 Another one of my favorites because she has orange, blue, purple leggings and tanks to match so she can wear this one with whatever color she wants!

I am LOVING these skirts! I need to get some pictures of Madame Emotions with hers on because they are just as cute on my 11 year old as my 4 year old! I will even say I made one for myself and it looks great on me too! Such a awesome versatile skirt for all ages!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Madame Emotions!


I simply have the hardest time grasping that my Bean is already 11! Where does the time go? How did this happen so fast? Just yesterday she was this size.....

8 lbs 2 oz 20 inces long

Oh my silly chunky monkey ! I loved all those rolls! I remember just squeezing and kissing those cheeks!

I just can't believe the growing young lady she has turned into, it makes me so sad yet so proud to look at the difference that has occured over the years. She is such a sweet, loving child. She just truly discovered what an attitude is but still even now she is the sweetest child you will ever meet.

I love her to pieces even when she has a strange addiction to Dr. Pepper even if it's in the form of BBQ sauce!

On her 11th birthday experiencing her first pedicure with her best friend,

Such a beautiful girl you are turn into Madame Emotions! You make me proud to say I am your mom. God has blessed me beyond belief when He gave me you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Life Changed

            Sunday, May 15, 2011

Left to right: My mom, Aggrivator, Madame Emotions, Miss Squeaky, Sir Worksalot, me, my Nana.

 Our life changed in the most amazing way a persons life can be changed in my opinion. This special Sunday, we were baptized in our church. All our sins washed way. A new life begins. Because HE saved us, HE gave his life for us. He washed it all away by shedding his blood for us. How much more powerful can it get than that?

Sir Worksalot had the honour of one of his mentors/close family friends/guy who prayed over him half his life for this exact moment come to help in our baptism. He is on the left, our pastor on the right.

Then our pastor did this awesome and special thing for me by letting our family friend and my husband baptize me. I can't even begin to tell you how special it was to have my husband help in this huge moment for me!

There is a great video of this entire thing but I can't figure out how to share it because it was posted to facebook but then there is the concern that our names are on it. I try to keep a small amount of privacy in that area because of our children's safety. I know a couple of you are on my facebook so if you would like to see this special moment, check there!

My husband and I started going to this church a year ago and loved it but didn't take that leap and actually go consistently but some thing changed back in January. I would say I couldn't tell you what changed but I do know what changed it. God changed it. I had personally decided that I was going to start attending services regularly and if husband wanted to go, great but if not that was fine too because I was going. 1st service of the new year hubs and I both went. And God did an amazing thing of opening not just my heart but my husbands heart and we have been going ever since. We became partners to our church shortly after and they have become a family to us. We have been reading our Bible and learning so much more than we have ever learned in the past. For the very first time,I believe, in either of our lives, we BELIEVE. We have faith in God, we have a relationship with Him that I would have never believed before could truly happen.

I, personally, have always desired what others talk about when they say having a relationship with God but I have never truly grasped it before now. The change is our life is amazing. It's not that everything has suddenly gotten easy and that life hasn't thrown us for a loop because believe me, we have our struggles. It's that now when we have our struggles, I know that above all, I have Jesus Christ with me. I have this knowledge that without a doubt I have faith that He is there with me.

When it came time for the baptism yesterday, I can tell you that I was beyond nervous. I do NOT like crowds or being in the main focus of those crowds. I felt jittery simply at the thought of being up front but when I was changing, I just started praying that the Lord give me some peace and calm my nerves because it wasn't about the people staring at me but it was about Him and my new walk with Him. It was about having all my sins washed away and becoming whole again. Now that moment, when my husband and our friend leaned me back into the water, it was an incredible feeling that I simply didn't expect. I still can't describe it with words but it was a powerful moment in my life. A moment that I love having on video so I can be reminded of what that moment was all about.

So, yesterday, our life changed. In the most amazing way. Ever.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Life Changed Today


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am LOVING that my finals are over! A full 3 months of assignment free relief is ahead!
Join in for an oldie with me and celebrate my freedom!

I am LOVING that my husband got put on a full time medic shift now! Now PRN stress! Yeah!

I am LOVING this picture.

Welcome to the world Chunky Monkey! He came in at a whopping 10lbs 3oz! He is the 3rd baby boy born to my cousin. I just want to squish those cheeks and eat them up!

Oh and I LOVE this....
It's not so much the coupon (although I will take that too), it's the fact that this is now sold over the counter! It is the ONLY allergy pill that has ever given me any relief without knocking me smooth out. Add that with the fact we haven't had any health insurance for awhile it makes me super happy I don't have to pay Dr. fees plus prescription fees just to get it! Now I am happy to buy it for 17.00 at the store! Well, 13.00 after I use the coupon I just found! HA!

What are YOU enjoying on the Wednesday?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Funny


To all the beautiful moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Sir Worksalot is on shift today, and as he was leaving he leaned down and said, "oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day." Now, to some this might seem like an after thought. It wasn't we celebrated all our moms in our family yesterday for our annual Mother's Day fish fry. I failed to take hardly any pictures for some reason. Anyways, as I looked at the hubs, I got to thinking about what mothers day means to me. In the past, I have always thought it's a day for mom's to get their turn in being spoiled, which we all desearve at some point. Today on this Mother's Day, I just keep thinking how blessed I am. God gave me three beautiful children who I love dearly. Who drive me bonkers every single day. Who love me endlessly. Who dislike me often. They are part of my everything. They make me smile, cry, laugh hysterically, laugh AT me hysterically. I love this kids of mine and today, I choose to celebrate them. And choose to soak in all the extra hugs and love they choose to give me today. I AM a special woman, yes indeed, because I am their mother.

*As a side note, I have to tell a funny where my child laughed hysterically AT me. I was with Madame Emotions walking into a gas station last night because she had to use the restroom. It had two sets of doors you had to walk through. Well, I come up to the first set and it's sliding glass automatic doors. They open up. I walk to the next set of doors and just stand there. I can't in my extremely tired mind figure out WHY these doors are not opening. Emotions is just staring at me like I'm crazy. Then a lady on the other side PULLS the door open and just stares at me and walks through like I am crazy. That's when it dawned on me that these doors were not automatic and I might actually have to physically open them myself!! I busted out laughing, Emotions started laughing hysterically at me. I just looked at her and said, "oh I didn't realize they weren't going to open on their own!" She and I could not stop laughing. Then I went and got a coffee to wake my brain up. Then I stayed awake till amost 2 in the morning. Next time I will just keep the mush brain! I can't help but giggle though when I think about it. And to see her laughing so hard makes me laugh even harder. Mom brain sure does attack sometimes!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Monday: From The Inside Out

From The Inside Out by Hillsong

This is a song that I have fallen in love with over the last few weeks. Because no matter what we are given His Grace. Our preacher spoke of Grace on Easter Sunday and for the first time I think I truly grasped what Grace means. His description:

"Grace is giving someone a kindness that they don't desearve."

He followed this up by reading Ephesians 1. We don't deserve the Grace we are given but we are given grace time and time again.