Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crafty Time

For the 3rd year in a row, my girl has decided she wants a Minnie Mouse birthday party. Again. We tried to talk her into something else but it's her party and she was having a Minnie Mouse party. I decided this year I would make her an outfit to go with. So, I made this....

and she LOVES it! I mean, really, really, loves it! I have to add a few more dots to the tutu but I thought it turned out great for my first try and my sewing machine not having many options when it comes to sewing down the Minnie Mouse face. I can see all the little things that aren't just right but hey, I made it and only spent 3 dollars for the entire thing, so who cares if it's not perfect! Not her because like I said, she loves it. As you can see, I am really excited about this one!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am LOVING this precious bundle right here

and her daddy LOVED her from the start

and LOVE the almost 2 year old here with her LOVE of the Mickey Mouse

and LOVE the four year old here

and still LOVE her even when she is throwing a fit

And I just LOVE the birthday girl

who LOVED her birthday balloon surprise

and she LOVES her new piggy bank

Happy 5th Birthday Ms. Squeaky!! We LOVE every single thing about you on this special Wednesday. You came into our life 5 years ago today and made our family complete. You make my heart so very happy and filled with so much LOVE that it's hard to contain it. Your little personality is so much fun and your deep LOVE for Mickey & Minnie Mouse to this day is so fun. You constantly make us laugh and so thankful God giving you us.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Baby Ache

If you were to ever meet me in real life, you would find out rather quickly that I am done with having babies. That ship has sailed. And 99.9% of the time I am happy with our decision which is good because those baby making parts...they are kinda of missing. Soo, babies are adorable and I LOVE to hold them but, also, LOVE to give them back to their parents. It's not something I long for anymore. I have 3 gorgegous children who are all at perfect ages where I no longer have to wipe bottoms, follow them every where around the house, or worry if they wake up before me because they might hurt themselves or destroy something. They are all at, for the most part, self sufficient ages. The exception being Miss Squeaky who still needs her Momma but not quite like babies do.

Now with saying all that, my heart does this little flitter thing when I see this baby right here. And then that way in the past distant ache occurs and I actually find myself almost wishing I could have more babies. But I would want it to be a HE and to be as chubby as this one. Tell me this sweet precious thing doesn't make your heart just melt. Oh the cheeks. And the belly roll. They just do me in every single time my cousin sends more pictures. He is scrumptious. His nickname from us is "Chunk Ball" and I am in love. Oh and have I mentioned that he is only 6 weeks old? Isn't he huge?!!

I blame the desire on the fact that they live several states away and I don't get to hear him cry. Because when babies cry now, I physically cringe when I see the exhausted mom behind the baby. Because I like my sleep. My sanity depends on it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Do your words hurt??

There is a topic that has bothered me for quite some time. One that I guess no matter how often I have heard it in my life, I just don't understand how it's possible. For instance, when you are feeling an extreme sorrow, anger, or any type of strong negative emotion, you hear people say, "you can choose to not feel like that, you can choose to be happy and not dwell."

I just don't get it. I mean really get it. Yes, you can mask your pain and put on a "front" for others to see but on the inside you still FEEL that emotion. You can choose to not react in a physical way but does it really change how you feel inside? I know time does wonders for how things can change with how you feel but in that moment? Nope, I can't just make it disappear.

I have had several crappy weekends. Things occurring that just make you feel like you have been punched in the stomach and you just can't shake the inward insanity going on. Through it though, I get told that I can choose to ignore it, and can choose not to let it bother me. I call BS on that. I mean really. I know I can choose to not let it effect my life, such as, I will still get up each morning, I will still play with my kids, but, to say I can just shut off how it made me feel inside? No, that isn't controllable to me. That sick feeling in my stomach, the anxiety? Yep, it's still there.

Which leads me to another subject. Why do people choose to use their words in such a way that hurts someone else? I am guilty of this myself so don't think I'm saying I haven't done it. I have, all too often. Why as grown adults do we choose to slap at our friends, loved ones, with our words? I am always telling my kids to please be nicer with your words when someone upsets them. Why do we want that from our children when adults everyday lead by example of how to hurt someone the most by their ugly words or hateful tone.

These thoughts are random but have been swirling in my head for a few weeks. Its been a tough few weeks and as I sit here, I feel the hurt of someone's words that were so ugly. Words that they probably don't even realize how much hurt they have caused. And then I consider, how many times have I been the one to do the hurting? Way too often, for sure.

Music & All About Me Monday

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks

Going old school. Love me some Don Henley.


1. How often do you run red lights?
I try to NEVER run red lights...I am not joking, it terrifies me. That is one of the number one causes of car accidents (read that from a article on yahoo the other day).

2. Do you fold your socks?
Yes, I try to do it consistantly as I fold my laundry and then put them away in our sock drawers set in the laundry room. I have a 3 drawer tote that has random socks in the top (ya know the ones with the missing mate), middle drawer is for kids socks, and third is for mine and hubby.

3. Would you rather cook or clean?
Depends on my mood but honestly its mostly clean. I get tired of cooking

4. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Hysterical! We saw Bridesmaids and  Melissa McCarthy made that movie what it was. You have to like crude humor though to enjoy it and story line is cheesy but still super funny. Husband and I literally laughed through the entire thing.

5. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
First kiss on the cheek-5th grade. First full on grossed out make out session-7th grade and I was horrified and still can remember it to this day and hope that the boy somewhere along the way learned to kiss because it was awful!

6. How often do you do laundry?
Up until I started working again, two loads every day and then more on weekends for bedding/sheets. Since working, I am lucky to get one done a night. The one day I have off during the week is full of catching up laundry and then weekends are filled full of laundry. My oldest daughter has gotten really good about helping me with it though. She will wash and fold all of the towels for me which is a lot right now because of their constant swimming and need for towels.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sir Worksalot!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Sir. Worksalot!
We love you so much!
I love that you make our kids so happy

or how you will stand in the freezing cold weather to make the perfect snow man

I love your craziness


I look forward to watching you get old! We are proud of you and hope that your day is a perfect one.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Jerk

Best quote of the day,

"I should start charging for my time!"

- Jerk of a customer

Dear Jerk,
Get over it. People are going as fast as they can on the account you have screwed up. The five people behind you have been really patient and gracious when we have told them soo sorry it's taking a bit and we will be right with them. They are having to wait in line. You on the other hand are being dealt with. Get over yourself. Sometimes, in life, you have to be patient. Oh and your time, it's not worth crap to us.

Thanks so much,

Mrs. Zookeeper

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi my name is Mrs. Zookeeper and I have an addiction.....

I am love with these Tutu sets! I have been looking for one for Miss Squeaky because several of her dress up clothes have gotten really worn down and wanted to replace it with something fun. This is what I ordered yesterday for her but have every intentions of getting pictures done in it first! And really thought if we could keep it in good condition she would be going as the cutest butterfly for halloween. I ordered this one in Pink/Black though not the red. My girl is addicted to pink as nearly every almost 5 year old I know is.

If you stop by her facebook, tell her I sent you. There is a contest going on for this super cute beauty right here...
I am itching to get this one for a photo shoot! Wouldn't this make for some precious pictures??? LOVE IT!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Music & All About Me Monday

I love this song, but this video takes a long time to actually get to the song. It basically tells a story for the first two minutes then starts the singing. It's a great song though, I have loved it since they performed it on one of the music awards shows.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Changing Man

As the day settles down and the children are in bed, I am sitting across my husband while he does his homework. I know I say this a lot, but the amount of pride I have in this man is extreme. I am so proud of the man he is and the man he is turning into. I feel blessed that God gave me such a wonderful gift.

He has always been an great person and husband, but I am now seeing a new person emerge in him since he has become a man of God. A man who not only takes care of us like he feels is his role, but a man who feels that he should be a role model of Gods love for himself and his family.

I had a particularly tough time last weekend with several different issues and I came back from those situations feeling like no matter what I did, I was never good enough. I simply felt defeated and crawled in my bed and cried. Then, I feel these arms wrap around me and say, "it doesn't matter if everyone else thinks your good enough, the only one that truly counts is God." I was stunned. This man, who until January believed in God but really kind of had a indifference attitude about it, just spoke the most amazing words I could have heard in that moment. I love this man that God is turning him into. A great man without God, an amazing one with. An amazing transformation is occurring and I get to watch it first hand.

I truly thank God for my husband and though we may struggle from time to time in our life and marriage, I never forget how truly lucky I am to have him. He is a hardworking, loving father and husband, what more could a girl ask for?!

Happy Fathers Day to my Sir Worksalot! We love you so much!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ladies Night Out

I am so excited! Not only do I get to go to a pool party but it's LADIES NIGHT OUT pool party! I can't explain how excited I am. This never happens. Ever. Anytime there is any kind of girl's night out it involves going to bars which I have no desire to go to without my husband. Or when it is a girls night that I would like to go to it is always on a night my husband is working. It's so frustrating. This time though, my best friend and I are going together and her husband is watching all 5 of our children! My husband is on shift again and her husband was sooo sweet to offer to watch the kids so we could go. Its my church that is hosting the ladies night out so I am excited to get to know some of the ladies better and just relax without here the words, "Momma, I need....or Momma, can I...." for a few hours.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Sun and Fun? Housework and no fun? What's the agenda say for you?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Capture The Everyday: Getting Dirty

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

This weeks assignment: Getting Dirty

I am sure many of the pictures that will be shown today will be of kids playing in the dirt and getting dirty, looking adorable. Yeah, that would be fun. But me? You get this....

This is the kind of dirty we are experiencing around here since I have become a working momma again. I got an unexpected day off today and this is how I am spending it. This scene is annoying to me. I am that person who washes at least two loads everyday so there isn't a build up. By the time I have been coming home though, I have just been too exhausted to do it. I have to say though it makes me appreciate my husband all the more. He has been running ragged lately and I admire the fact that he just keeps going and very rarely complains!

How are experiencing the dirty in your house? ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Run Baby Run

I am still here, just staying busy with work which started out as a my filling in for someone on vacation to a full blown job. I really am enjoying working again. The kids are going with me and they really have done awesome. They test my patience from time to time but that's to be expected.

I do miss my days at home from time to time though. I am off today and enjoying the morning in bed watching cartoons with the kids. And staying out of the Texas heat.

Yes, your seeing that correctly. That was after the car sitting in the parking lot for twenty minutes. Insanity. What is sad is that the pool water is even hot so it doesn't provide much relief!

Ms. Squeaky has a birthday coming up very soon and I just can't believe it! Five already? When did that happen? I found these adorable monster cookies and thought about doing that instead of a cake...

Yeah, cute huh? They are sooo gross! Haha so cute but not tasty. Now to find something else. Going to attempt to make cake balls but want her to have a really cute cake or something too.

I really miss my blogging. Between work and my overall mental block lately, I just have been lame around here. I think one of my problems is I over think everything. I believe I censor myself too much. I'm going to work on just hitting the publish button and not worry about it being perfect or too personal. Am I crazy, how much do you censor on your blog? How personal is to personal? I'm not talking about anything tacky, just thinking about being more honest about my thoughts and life in general. Well, unless I over think that too! ;)

On a side note, I have to tell you one of my favorite new blogs. She is soo funny, crafty, and not the least bit shy on her blog! I love it! If you haven't been readingDon't You Know you should check her out. She will make ya smile.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome to the world Lil Brother!

Meet the newest member of a family of 7. He is the 5th child to my best friend. What else makes him so special? He is the ONLY boy! He has 4 older sisters who I am sure will plan on loving him with lots of torture! But on the plus side for him, he will have a slew of the girls friends to hit on when he's older! ;)

He has the biggest feet and hands! We kept calling them football player hands! He came in a week early weighing 8lbs 3.5oz and 20in long. A healthy baby boy! Oh how I love that newborn smell!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Life

New life always makes me smile. Especially after losing our new puppy this week, this made my day.

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