Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Good

Did awesome, had an allergic reaction to some medicine, thank goodness we found this out while under close care!

Surgery Day

Hanging around waiting for surgery...hard life! 😃

Sunday, February 19, 2012



Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt: What’s your take on fate? Does everything happen for a reason? Are we in control of our own destiny?

Fate. God's design for our life. One and the same? I have a firm belief in God, in His design for my life, for His will for my life. I believe He knows every aspect of my life and what will happen, the decisions I will make. Does that mean the same as fate? I don't know...fate means it's going to happen no matter what right? My firm belief is God gives me this life, I can make my own decisions, I can follow my own path. He gives me so many tools to live the best life I can possibly live by following His word. I believe the choices we make lead to the different paths we can take. Do we go this way or that, what is down this road as opposed to that road? I can look back in my life and see how the choices I have made have caused the path of my life to go differently, as opposed if I had made a choice to go another way. I believe the fate part are the things that can happen that we have no control over, the fact that a car came my direction in the road and hit me. The fact that my best friends baby boy passed away from cancer. I don't think we have a choice in those situations. I believe that things happen in our life that we can't control, but it's our choice from there to decide how we are going to live our life from those points. While I feel I have my own free will to make my own decisions, I definitely believe that God is in control of it all. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Special Love Day

Our daddy surprised us pretty big this valentines day! He made everyone feel special and even made sure to buy flowers for my mom. I forgot to take a picture of mine, but he got me my favorite chocolate covered strawberries and my favorite tulips.

I am not big on Valentines day in the sense of getting anything. I always make sure to get the kids their favorite candy and husband the same. He really went big this year and it came as a total shock to all! He always gets me something, but the look on my children and mothers faces where priceless! To all those who bash Valentines day as a hallmark holiday....I agree it can be, but this year? It was totally worth it. How can making someone feel extra special ever be a bad thing?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

True friends

This is what makes an awesome friend. :)

Life Unexpected

Life has a way of changing in the most unexpected ways. If you had told me a year ago that we would not only be fully and completely committed in a church and in our faith in God, but to also be youth leaders in our church, I would have seriously laughed at you. Then I would have said, "have you met my husband?"  A year ago January 1, 2011, a day that changed everything. And I literally mean everything. I woke up and told my husband, "I will go with or without you and I am okay with that." For whatever reason, he decided to go with me that day, and I am praising God to this day for the change that occurred after in both our lives.We have now become involved in our youth group and with one other couple, we help lead the junior high group of youth. I can not even begin to tell you the joy we have received from being around this group of kids. They are amazing, fun, and well amazing. To be able to be there for them and make connections with them is such a blessing. 

This past Sunday we invited them all over for the Super Bowl which ended up being a Wii Party. We had the best time playing Just Dance, Guitar Hero, and many other things. We had a good game of football outside, a fearless game of trust (the mother in me was overwhelmed by this game! lol), and just had an all over great night. It was so exciting to have them all over and watching them interact. I have some great pictures from that night, but will only display the one I feel I can. I don't feel that it's my place to show their sweet faces on my blog, but wanted you to get a glimpse into our fun. 

While at times I don't feel that I am knowledgeable enough in the word of God (I am new to reading His word), I look back to this scripture and know that I am in the right spot and He will lead me along. 

I am competent not in my own abilities but because He has made me competent by His Spirit.
 (2 Corinthians 3:5-6)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Want to Know


(1) Fantasy style, money is no object, If you could pick one type of help which would it be? And why
A. A maid.
B. A nanny
C. A personal chef

A maid. Duh. Hands down, I dream often about having a maid to do the cleaning and laundry. Oh to not have to clean a bathroom or do laundry. Mainly the laundry. A family of five creates a LOT of laundry.

(2) What is your least favorite household chore?
umm whoops. I think I already answered that. Laundry.

(3) your least loathed ( or favorite) household task/ daily chore?
I love cleaning my room. It just looks so lovely and welcomes me when it's clean.

(4). What is your favorite cleaning supply?  Do you have any magic cleaning tips  to share with your readers?
The Magic Erasers. The coolest, get up even permanent marker, tool ever.

(5). What is your usual housework avoidance activity?  Besides playing along and linking up with the fabulous Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama for we want to know Wednesday? 
Internet of course, with Gilmore Girls playing in the background. My happy moments of avoidance. 

They Must Know Her

I believe the creators of this cartoon have met my youngest daughter.