Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Want to Know


(1) Fantasy style, money is no object, If you could pick one type of help which would it be? And why
A. A maid.
B. A nanny
C. A personal chef

A maid. Duh. Hands down, I dream often about having a maid to do the cleaning and laundry. Oh to not have to clean a bathroom or do laundry. Mainly the laundry. A family of five creates a LOT of laundry.

(2) What is your least favorite household chore?
umm whoops. I think I already answered that. Laundry.

(3) your least loathed ( or favorite) household task/ daily chore?
I love cleaning my room. It just looks so lovely and welcomes me when it's clean.

(4). What is your favorite cleaning supply?  Do you have any magic cleaning tips  to share with your readers?
The Magic Erasers. The coolest, get up even permanent marker, tool ever.

(5). What is your usual housework avoidance activity?  Besides playing along and linking up with the fabulous Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama for we want to know Wednesday? 
Internet of course, with Gilmore Girls playing in the background. My happy moments of avoidance. 


The Lovely One said...

I don't mind cleaning my room, but it hardly ever gets done. That's the room that always gets cleaned last, because no one else sees it. And there's a lot of random stuff in there, because if someone's coming over and I only have 5 minutes to pick up the living room, everything gets tossed in the bedroom!

Mamarazzi said...

my bedroom is such a neglected space in my home. i promised myself when we moved here that it wouldn't be so ignored, but it is the one room that has yet to be totally unpacked. ugh.

thanks soooo much for linking up!