Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Monday

Our internet hates us. We hate the company. The switched owners and it was going to be oh so awesome, oh so better. It's worse. Lots worse. And the best part??? We can't switch to anything else because it's the only company that works out here in the boonies and by works I mean, only works well about 5 hours a week. Have I mentioned that I hate our internet company.

So, Music Monday won't be posted because ya know, the sucks. You get a random post instead.

I started working last week. Just a few days a week for the next month or so to help out at my old job. I enjoy it, I enjoy being around adults throughout the day and I get to take Miss Squeaky with me and she is sooo awesome. I bring her coloring books, toys, and a small portable DVD player and she is set for the day. I lay out her awesome nap mat and she is content. Love it! Next week I have to start taking all 3 kids with me. Don't love that. When mixed together in an office for hours, it's not a good thing. We might all go crazy.

I am starting back to my workout routine might kill me. I know it won't but I lost my awesome inserts to my workout shoes from New Balance and they are they only thing that keeps me from having shin splints. I must go by there this afternoon and by new ones. But in the meantime, the workout this morning should be fun!

Okay, I am now officially running late to I go! Hopefully, the internet will start working well enough to post a video later.

Have a lovely wonderful Monday!

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Brandy@YDK said...

i must have working internet at home. good luck taking all the kids to work.