Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Life Changed

            Sunday, May 15, 2011

Left to right: My mom, Aggrivator, Madame Emotions, Miss Squeaky, Sir Worksalot, me, my Nana.

 Our life changed in the most amazing way a persons life can be changed in my opinion. This special Sunday, we were baptized in our church. All our sins washed way. A new life begins. Because HE saved us, HE gave his life for us. He washed it all away by shedding his blood for us. How much more powerful can it get than that?

Sir Worksalot had the honour of one of his mentors/close family friends/guy who prayed over him half his life for this exact moment come to help in our baptism. He is on the left, our pastor on the right.

Then our pastor did this awesome and special thing for me by letting our family friend and my husband baptize me. I can't even begin to tell you how special it was to have my husband help in this huge moment for me!

There is a great video of this entire thing but I can't figure out how to share it because it was posted to facebook but then there is the concern that our names are on it. I try to keep a small amount of privacy in that area because of our children's safety. I know a couple of you are on my facebook so if you would like to see this special moment, check there!

My husband and I started going to this church a year ago and loved it but didn't take that leap and actually go consistently but some thing changed back in January. I would say I couldn't tell you what changed but I do know what changed it. God changed it. I had personally decided that I was going to start attending services regularly and if husband wanted to go, great but if not that was fine too because I was going. 1st service of the new year hubs and I both went. And God did an amazing thing of opening not just my heart but my husbands heart and we have been going ever since. We became partners to our church shortly after and they have become a family to us. We have been reading our Bible and learning so much more than we have ever learned in the past. For the very first time,I believe, in either of our lives, we BELIEVE. We have faith in God, we have a relationship with Him that I would have never believed before could truly happen.

I, personally, have always desired what others talk about when they say having a relationship with God but I have never truly grasped it before now. The change is our life is amazing. It's not that everything has suddenly gotten easy and that life hasn't thrown us for a loop because believe me, we have our struggles. It's that now when we have our struggles, I know that above all, I have Jesus Christ with me. I have this knowledge that without a doubt I have faith that He is there with me.

When it came time for the baptism yesterday, I can tell you that I was beyond nervous. I do NOT like crowds or being in the main focus of those crowds. I felt jittery simply at the thought of being up front but when I was changing, I just started praying that the Lord give me some peace and calm my nerves because it wasn't about the people staring at me but it was about Him and my new walk with Him. It was about having all my sins washed away and becoming whole again. Now that moment, when my husband and our friend leaned me back into the water, it was an incredible feeling that I simply didn't expect. I still can't describe it with words but it was a powerful moment in my life. A moment that I love having on video so I can be reminded of what that moment was all about.

So, yesterday, our life changed. In the most amazing way. Ever.



The Lovely One said...

This is amazing! What a fantastic testimony! Congratulations!

Shanae Branham said...

Congratulations on your baptism. I think that is amazing. I am touched by your testimony. Thanks for sharing!
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