Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Posts

With my schedule being a bit crazy right now these mini post just might be all I get out right now. I wrote a really long one last night that was raw and honest but couldn't push the post button. When I ramble in deep true honesty I usually end up second guessing whether I should actually post it. It really was a jumbled mess. So instead, you get this...

Sooo exhausted I could cry. Need sleep ASAP. And yet it is not to happen anytime soon. Coffee isn't cutting it right now. What is your afternoon pick me up of choice? It was such a long night last night and a very early morning to start. I am willing to bet that I crash hard tonight. But in the mean time there are these little short people who keep calling me Momma who need me. At least their cute ;)

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Brandy@YDK said...

i hope things slow down for you soon and you catch a break.

Alicia said...

Totally understand! That's why OI haven't been posting much these days! Hope you get some rest!