Thursday, April 28, 2011

Capture The Everyday: Kids Favorite Spot

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

This Week’s Assignment:
Your Kids’ Favorite Part of the House

All three of the kids, LOVE making forts! The location itself really doesn't matter but they love getting in the forts and playing for hours. This is the girls room and this just so happens to be one of the locations that a fort is built in the most because of the way the girls beds make a good area to build upon. Have a mentioned that I still ADORE my girls rooms?? I will have to do a post on that another day, the kids rooms. We worked so hard to get them to be soo cute!

I built this fort with Miss Squeaky this morning so the other two are at school. They will be excited to come home and play in it and make it even better than mom. Their goal every time is to make it better than the last one. They get pretty elaborate with their ideas.


Join in at Adventuroo and tell us what your kids favorite part of the house is!


Brandy@YDK said...

i loved doing that when i was little. forts are the best ever. i love the colors in your girls room too

Kelly Jernigan said...

LOVED forts as a kid, and my son is always asking me to make them with him - very cute pics!

Alissa said...

Some of my very best memories as a kid are of making forts with my brothers. So glad this is what you captured today!

LucidLotus said...

Forts are rad, even to this day! My niece and nephew made a fort the size of the entire living room during our snow week this winter and my son just reveled in it:)
PS that room is like from a magazine - gorge!