Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because They Make me Smile

Two of my favorite people. Two of my biggest supporters.

The one on the left is my best friend. She is THE friend. You know the one that you can go to with the stupidest of things and she WILL laugh AT you not just with you and thats why you love her. The one that will hold your hand through the thick stuff and never leave your side when she is needed. She is THE friend.

The one on the right is my Auntie. I adore her and my uncle. They have been there since I was born. I don't remember a time that I couldn't count on them. They adore my kids and treat them like their own grandchildren. They are always at every single birthday or family function. Family is very important to them. When I was on my own at 17 with a baby in tow, broke as broke gets, random and annoynmous gift cards to brookshires would come in the mail to buy groceries and I only ever knew it was from them because I knew my Aunts handwriting. When my girl wanted nothing more than a vanity barbie set from Santa Clause when she was 3 and we simply could not buy it, she made sure it was bought. I never asked. It's not just the financial support, it's the feeling of knowing you are loved and supported through your good and bad.

Family and Friends...they are the special gifts God gives us to remember how special life is and to keep us reminded on what is important.

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