Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday

In a quest of finding new blogs over the last week or so, I came across all.things.fadra. and love her blog! Anyways, Sundays is her link up day for stream of consciousness thoughts. Love this idea!

I have spent most of my week doing homework and I've been okay with that because I have been able to do it with all the windows in the house open with that gorgeous weather outside flowing it. It's beautiful here, I love this spring weather! I do believe the affects of leaving the windows open would explain all my severe allergies problems though. It's totally worth it. I went to the Dr. for the millionth time this week for that set of blood work to be fine to so now they are running some more bloodwork on different things. Apparently, I am a mystery. It's nice to know things are okay but also very frustarting to not know what exactly is causing all my random and weird symptoms. The worst complaint would be the extreme exhaustion. I know myself and my body to know flat out that this is not me. I have never been so bone weary tired in my life. Not even when I had 3 children ages 6, 3, and a newborn. Not even then. They are trying to figure it out. We shall see. Sir Worksalot put in a bid on a shift at work, getting this certain shift would make it amazing in terms of him being able to finish his paramedic schooling and work with a lot less stress. Right now he is considered PRN which means he takes the shifts that other Paramedics are taking off or sick or whatever the reason. There are always shifts available but it's stressful on him trying to get them to work around his school days. If he could get this full time shift, he will be on the shift that works around school every week. That would be amazing! AND we would have insurance and that's what really is needed around here. We are praying hard around here for that. It's based off senority and he is 2nd up right now, the guy in front of him has the chance to let Sir Worksalot have it for now and in 6 months they can switch shifts when he is done with school. If this guy would be kind enough to do that, it would literally change our world to the better! My 5 minutes is up.

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all.things.fadra said...

Glad you stopped by and I got you all linked up! Uncertainty is awful so I can see how your husband's work schedule can stress him and YOU out.

And maybe it is something in the air. I had an awful sinus headache this morning and have been sleeping a lot at night and still waking up exhausted. So I feel ya!

Deb said...

I hope things work around alright for you and your family. NOT KNOWING is probably the worst feeling EVER.

Glad you joined up to SOCSunday!