Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trapped Inside

We TEXANS are not used to this:

So, you end up stuck in the house doing things like this:

and this:

(cake in a mug, idea from Who Says 8 is Enough?)

and this:

or ya know simply losing your mind! After being stuck in the house for nearly a week, I truly thought I was going to lose my mind!!! Then we get a reprieve, the sun comes out, melts it all and we were off to enjoy our Superbowl weekend. Then today...aghhhh it snows and gets icy AGAIN! SERIOUSLY?!?! I can't possibly live in Texas can I? Where in the world is all this nasty, cold weather coming from? I say bring on the Spring weather please! Which, btw, should be here next week! Yippee! Hopefully, it will stay around for awhile. We need to thaw out!

1 comment:

Joy said...

yep here to! we had another snow day from school today. It started yesterday so they also got out early from school!

I am SOOOOO over the yucky, cold, wet weather