Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Imagine the Pictures

I wanted to post a great picture post of our goings around here but blogger is not uploading pictures. Life is back to our crazy, rampant pace. Not sure what we are going to do with our lives when we are not going 90 to nothing. I think we will be so used to over stimulation that we might get really bored. I look forward to being bored!
Since we can't see any pictures lets proceed to a prayer request...
I had a bunch of blood work done on Monday and I am currently impatiently waiting the results. They are testing me for a slew of things. I have been extremely tired the last few months and by tired I mean bone weary exhaustion that is not normal even for our crazy life. We kept putting it off as our busy life but over the holidays I had LOADS of rest and it just never seemed to be enough. Back in October, I noticed a lump in my neck but didn't think much about it because hey we had been sick off and on in our house. Well, four months later, the lump is still there. So, with a little pushing from someone else because of many other symptoms I have going on, I went to the Dr. which has now led to a bunch of blood work. The Dr. discussed many different reasons what could be going on. They tested me for mono, it was negative. I really liked that option the best because at least it goes away eventually!
So, all these test done and I was suppose to find out what was going on today except Texas is having some psychotic weather right now and the Dr. office was closed so now I am left wondering for another day what is going on! I am impatient.
All this to say, I would love some prayers over the results because as much as I dread finding out if something is wrong, I also dread them not finding what is causing the various issues. I am exhausted and not feeling at all like myself. I would love to find some answers. I would love to get back to my normal, energetic self!

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Shannon said...

Prayers coming your way. Hope all is ok and you feel better soon!