Friday, February 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday

Everyone always looks forward to the weekends. We countdown the days each weekend until Friday. Will it be a busy, fun filled weekend or a relaxing , sitting at home weekend? Which ever weekend your having, I hope you enjoy it!

This was my lovely, fun filled weekend last week. A weekend with my boy. Just him, daddy, and I on Friday night. Then just him, my mom, and I on Saturday. He was spoiled rotten. If he asked, he basically received. It was his weekend. Our special date weekend with our favorite "getting too big" little guy. I love this boy.

What are you plans for the weekend? We will be enjoying ours at home this weekend, soaking up the beautiful weather that Texas is having this week!

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Shannon said...

Tomorrow is M's birthday... that's really the only "plan" we have, and not much of one!