Friday, February 25, 2011

Giveaway Time

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I LOVE to read. I absolutely love the feel of a book in my hands and tend to get lost in it like most people do a movie. I prefer a book any day over a movie! I will read all kinds of books and one of my favorite places is within a book store.

Love, love, love it! It's my happy place.

With that said, as much as I love to read, I don't tend to review books or tell people about what I am reading unless it is something just so fantastic that I can't help but speak about it.

This is one of those books.

One of those books you simply can not seem to put down. It's an amazing true story over the baseball player Josh Hamilton. Living in Texas and knowing anything about baseball, you can't help but hear about him. My husband kept hearing about how good his book was and really wanted it. I bought it for him for our anniversary and the weekend we went away any time we were in the hotel room, we were both fighting for turns to read it! I am not exaggerating, it was that good! He, who never reads hardly anything but westerns, finished this book in a weekend.

You don't have to know anything about baseball to like this one. It's about a man who goes down a path that most don't ever come back from.With all that said, I guess, you can gather that we love it and have told everyone we know to read it.

1. Leave a comment and tell me you want it.
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My only other request in this giveaway is that when you are finished, you agree to pass it on.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love to read too and would love to read this too if you say it's that good :)

The Lovely One said...

I'm a big reader, too! This is not a book I would normally choose for myself, but I'll try anything once!

debi9kids said...

Oh. I LOVE books as well. REAL books, not reading on a screen.
LOVE the feel and the smell and I too love to get lost in a great story...

Please enter me.
This sounds like a great book.

debi9kids said...

I tweeted about it:

Hope it brings you lots of entries and followers and I'm following you now :)

Shannon said...

I love to read, too! I think you already knew that. This sounds like a book my hubby would like, too,

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I so need to win this :)