Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sleep To Come!!!

Beyond excited!!! Our new bed is to arrive Monday and I can only hope that many, many restful nights are to come!! We finally bit the bullet and spent money on a good bed but the Dr. has been recommending it for both of us for sooo long. We both have really bad back issues and he said this really is key to helping that along! It was a battle in our minds to actually spend the money on it but decide it was worth it in the end if it makes a difference! Praying that it truly does, we are extremely frugal college students with three children, this was a jump for us!

This is NOT the bed we decided on because it was like 9,000 but the kids sure did enjoy playing on it! It has temperature settings in it, lifts up and down, vibrates, all kinds of bells and whistles.They basically thought it was an awesome toy!

What is something you have had to bite the bullet on in the past and just purchase?

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debi9kids said...

Great picture! LOVE the pillows! Very cute.

hmmm... we just bought a new hot water heater. UGH!

Shannon said...

I so need a new bed.

I guess I'd have to say my new car. I mean, we had to buy one since I totaled the other one!