Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Beautiful Girls

I am simply in love with these two girls!

On a side note:

Madam Emotion has always resembled her biological father more so than me but I keep getting comments lately on how she looks just like me. I just assumed people only said that because they have never met her biological father (Sir Worksalot has been her Daddy since she was two so this is why its stated like that, biological is random in her life at best). Well, in this one picture, I really see it for the first time. She really looks a lot like me, freckles and all! And what gets me the most about those freckles is that I have always hated mine but LOVE that my children have them. Miss Squeaky just got her first freckle on her face this last summer. A happy dance occurred when I saw it!

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Frugal Jen said...

What a beautiful family! My husband adopted my oldest when she was 2 and people tell us all the time how much she looks like him. I think it goes beyond biology!