Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Passing Along a Meme

Elizabeth over at A Rushing Wind posted this meme in order to get back into blogging this week and thought I would grab it and do the same. Go over to her spot and give some love!

01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
We will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary this month!

02) What was your dream growing up?
To be a mom. No lie. Ask my mom, that's all I wanted.

03) What talent do you wish you had?
The ability to sing and it sound amazing.

04) If I bought you a drink what would it be?
Coffee or a margarita

05) Favorite vegetable?
squash, zucchini, and onions sauteed together

06) What was the last book you read?
For One More Day by Mitch Albom

07) What zodiac sign are you?
Taurus or Aries...depends on which paper or what not you look at...not into this

08) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
One tattoo on my bum (yes, you read that correctly) and I have had my ears pierced which never grow in but am allergic and can't wear them and had my belly button peirced many moons ago

09) Worst Habit?
I am a hard core's pretty bad and something I am trying to conquer.

10) If you saw someone you know walking down the street would you offer them them a ride?
If they wanted a ride then of course!

11) What is your favorite sport?
Anything my kids are playing. Other than that I enjoy watching football when we have the time and if I have to cheer for a specific team than it's Cowboys or Steelers, mainly because that's the divide between my family. It's really fun to watch them all get crazy over it!

12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?
Pessimistic in my own life and optimistic in others. I am quick to tell someone else to look for the good but pretty pessimistic on my own.

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
Have a full fledged panic attack. No exaggeration, I avoid elevators if it's possible

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?
Losing loved ones unexpectedly

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.
I can't use both ends of a Q-tip when cleaning out mine or my childrens ears. If you use both ends they you are holding the nasty, already used end in your palm...gross.

16) Do you have any pets?
We had a cat that we had to get rid of because of my new found allergy to them and two dogs, Maggie and Rowdy, our massive outside dogs.

17) What if someone showed up at your house unexpectedly, would you invite them in?
depends on who it was and if I knew them then probably so even though I would be horrified because I'm stinky from trying to clean and do homework.

18) What was your first date?
A group date with friends to the movies that my mother didn't know a boy was meeting me there.

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
Some are cute, some are scary!

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
One thing I would change and eventually WILL change is the post mom stomach roll...ya know the one that won't go away no matter how hard you work out. I will have a tummy tuck one day. Don't judge.

21) Who would be your crime partner?
Crime sister for sure.

22) What color eyes do you have?

23) Ever been arrested?

24) Bottle or can soda?
Fountain....if I drink one which is very rare.

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
Pay of a few bills and go to disney world. Yes, cliche but it's our dream.

27) What's your favorite place to hang out?
Right now...home...trying to hide out this last month because our world is about to explode again with school schedules.

28) Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes but would have to explain in length about my thoughts on that and that's a entire post on its own.

29) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Hanging with the family for sure but with that comes....I am a certified tv addict. Computer addict.

30) Do you swear a lot?
Used too....gotten a lot better and still working on it.

31) Biggest pet peeve?
hands down, someone smacking their food, candy, or gum.

32) In one word, how would you describe yourself?
Stubborn. On a side note, I texted a fried and asker her to describe me in one word and she said dedicated. Interesting.

33) Do you believe/appreciate romance?
Wouldn't be married if I didn't

34) Favorite and least favorite food?
Love Mexican food, detest anything involving fish or seafood

35) Do you believe in God?

36) Will you repost this for others to do?


Elizabeth said...

SO glad you did this! I totally think we would make great friends in real life. ;)

And Disney? Totally forgot to add that. We are with you on that. We hope to go within the next couple of years.

Alicia said...

Fun tidbits!