Monday, January 3, 2011

The Padded Room

I am the very involved mother of three children and married to an amazing man who isn't your average guy. He is the rare man out there that will cook, clean, and changed the diapers of our children when they were babies. We are a family of five who are all currently in school.

Introducing the family:

Sir Worksalot: an amazing man who is currently finishing up his Paramedic degree. He will be done in August of 2011 but in the meantime is he going to school full time, doing his clinicals and working full time. All the while being a dad and husband to us. How he keeps up with it all is beyond me. To say he is amazing is putting it mildly in my opinion.

Madam Emotional: Our highly emotional 10 year old girl who is already going through the transition into pre-teen. She is this extremely emotional child who wears her emotions on her sleeves but is also an amazing caring child who wants to be a friend to all. She loves to express herself through music, dance, and art. She is a bookworm who loves going to school not just for her friends but for the actual schooling. She finds great joy in Science, the Earth, and Weather. She is a girl of many traits and looks forward to what brings each day.

The Aggravator: Our one and only boy, 7, whose sole goal in life right now is to aggravate his sisters. He succeeds very well in this goal. He is an active boy who loves sports, playing video games with his dad, and detest anything with school. He is thoroughly bored in school because he far surpasses his grade level. He is a child who can drive you to insanity in one minute but give the most amazing hugs in the next minute.

Miss Squeaky: Our 4 year old who is often called Squeakers because she tends to squeak when she talks if she is overly excited and 90% of the time she is overly excited about something! She gets extremely mad about being called that and we find it hysterical. She is extremely smart for a 4 year old and the things that come out of her mouth sometimes will bring tears to your eyes from laughing so hard. She is a daily reminder that laughter is good for the soul.

The Zookeeper: That would be me. I am a 27 year old college student is still not entirely sure of what I want to be when I grow up. I am currently going for teaching but not sure that it's the fit for me. I am in a point in my life that most 18 year old students are in, unsure of what step comes next. (minus all the partying!) Aside from this, I am a woman who loves her family with a extreme intensity. I never knew you could love like that until they came into my life. I am a girl who loves her God but still struggles on a daily basis with her Faith. Even though I struggle, I know Jesus Christ is my Father and will not abandon me. I am a lady who strives to be a better person, a woman who has recently had to learn who I am, what defines me, and how to live up to my own potential. I love to read, I watch way too much TV, am addicted to coffee and the Internet. I am a lucky girl with awesome friends and family. I am a lady who has recently lost family members that I love and dealing with the heartache of it all. I have lost them to death or just simple stupidity which has cut them out of my life. The heartache of it is the same in both situations. My goal in life is to strive to be the best I can be and to be a benefit to everyone in my life. My life can be emotional and intense at times or fun loving and carefree. You never know which your going to get. All of this to say that I think there is a padded room with my name stamped on it and you can join me if you like, just make sure to bring your straight jacket!

***I am not new to blogging but this is a new blog name. I have had a different one and have followers from the old blog who came with me here. I changed my blog name due to some privacy issues and not in any way to mislead anyone**

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