Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 New Year Goals

The Zookeepers 2011 Goals:

*Create a bucket list and try to follow through. This isn't something I have ever done and look forward to putting basic to tough items in the list. I want to do this with Sir Worksalot and see how many we can accomplish this year.

*Work on really reading the Bible for the first time in my life. I have always wanted to and then I start it and for some reason NEVER keep up with it. Our church set forth this challenge and Sir Worksalot and I took the challenge. I am anxious to see what this brings to our life.

*Finally lose those last 20-25lbs that I have been half way been trying to work off for the last 6 months. My doctor wants me at a goal weight of under 130. I haven't weighed myself since the holidays but will be doing later at the gym, if my weight is still at 150 then losing 25lbs puts me at 125 which would be within that goal weight. At times it doesn't seem realistic but if I really would get back on track, I know I could do it. I am a short 5'2 so this should be a realistic goal for my short self. I lost 30lbs last year so I know I can do this!

These are basically all of my goals. I know creating the bucket list will add more but I don't even have a clue what that will end up being so I will have to wait to post those later.

What goals do you have in mind for yourself? Would you ever consider doing a bucket list? What would your bucket list include?

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Frugal Jen said...

Weight... a struggle I'm dealing with right now. After baby #4 I'm at 135 and I'm also 5'2. Gotta get rid of those last 10 pounds. It's really hard!

You can do it too!