Friday, January 14, 2011

Knight in Diapers

Our Godson
Knight in Diapers
who made me recondsider this not having another baby for a few minutes

and then this happen

and then I was extremely relieved to hand him over to his incredibly sweet mother.


Joy said...

yep other people's babies are always the best:)

We are officially done as in Hubs had the ol' snip snip done this past October. It does make me sad to know I'll never grow another little human in my belly, but it also makes me happy to know that since I'll never grow another little human I won't puke my guts out almost non stop for 40wks :) oh and wake at 1am 3am or 5am to feed someone!

Elizabeth said...

Haha! I hear ya! I'm so excited because my best friend is due in July with her 3rd. Our firsts were born exactly 8 weeks apart. We were so blessed to be expecting at the same time. Now, I know I'm DONE! And I can't wait for her to have this new blessing so I can love all over him/her and then give him/her back!