Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lifetime of Relief

This is a post that I took from my old blog and re posted here to go along with a moment I felt relieved. Written in 2008

Dear Dr. OB/GYN,
I have used you for delivered two out of my three children and I really do like you. I wouldn't go to any other doctor because of the care you showed through all my deliveries and surgeries you have had to perform. I thank you for that. I do not however thank you one bit for refusing to remove these evil things in my body that make me want to beat the crap out of anything in site. See all I asked of you was to simply remove the uterus because I was obviously done with it. I don't have any desire to utilize that uterus one bit anymore. The non stop infections that occur are getting annoying. The most horrendous cramps of my life in the last six months are just pure evil. I know that you being a mere man couldn't possibly understand the extent of pain that these things truly cause but it's not pleasant. I am to the point of wanting to kick your butt smooth out for daring to tell me no when I ask you to remove that said uterus. You can leave the rest, it will be okay. I just need that said uterus removed so the monthly evil knife stabbing pain will go away and those pesky infections would too.
I do understand that you went to medical school and you are trying to do what's best at this time but frankly....I DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR DEGREE SAYS!!!! My degree of being in this body of monthly misery says TAKE THIS OUT!! NOW!! I would really prefer to stop having surgeries for other things that is caused by those pesky ovaries and uterus so the removal would work out just fine.
I would advise you to take all this into consideration because there is a woman on the rampage right now. My husband would also greatly appreciate this as well. He lives with the aboved mention woman.
The Crazy Hormonal Lady Who Wants to Kick your Butt.

I will have a lifetime of relief because I took initiative, switched Doctors, and had a hysterectomy! I have one remaining ovary so I don't have to worry about hormone supplements and I will never again feel the need to rip out my baby making system because it is gone! NOW THAT IS SOME RELIEF RIGHT THERE!!

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