Wednesday, June 18, 2014

100 Happy Days: Vacation Week

My 100 Happy Days got behind, but for an excellent reason! We were off enjoying life and our family without distractions! VACATION BABY!

100 Happy Days

Oddly enough, none of the clothing was planned, we all got dressed and didn't realize we coordinated with each other until after we looked at the pictures! Ha!

Day 4:

Celebrating Father's Day with a vacation was excellent. We were thrilled to begin our day celebrating the man who gives us so much. He loves deeply and unselfishly. I love this man so much. 

Another favorite for this day and this precious boy surprising me with a flower he picked just for me to put in my hair and then to hear him tell me how pretty I am. Man, I sure needed to hear that this week, it had been a rough one! 

Day 5:

While we are not huge basketball fans or specifically Spurs fans, we had the unexpected pleasure of being in San Antonio when the Spurs won the NBA Championship! Our hotel was right where all the parades and celebrations were happening. Our children said this was their favorite part of the entire trip, they absolutely loved people watch and being a part of the commotion. The Spurs have some seriously committed fans and we laughed so much that night. 

It was also hilarious to watch my son who is typically shy force himself in front of the news cameras and make himself known. He was great! He had others around him laughing hysterically, his parents included! 

Day 6:

These fish were by far my favorite part of the San Antonio Zoo! We could feed and pet them at the same time! I have never been able to "pet" a fish before! They would eat the food right out of our hands and suck on our fingers. I LOVED it! It was a interesting experience. 

Did you know that Flamingo babies don't come out pink already? 

Yeah, I did. We learn something new everyday!

Day 7:

Our last night of our vacation was to go tubing, it was a first time for our family and it was a blast! I could do that more often, we already hope to make it back out there before the end of the summer in order to go tubing again. Hours on a river, relaxing, talking and simply enjoy each other. What more could anyone ask for?

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