Wednesday, June 25, 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 8

Yeah, so I get behind, but I could list my happy for everyday this past week. I LOVE summer! I downloaded an app for blogger, so hoping for easier access to this blog! 

Project #2 for my classroom is complete! It was actually meant for my prayer wall in my bathroom, but colors didn't match, so it will be perfect for my new classroom. 

This was project #1

forgot to take before and after pictures. I am really sad about that, it was a boring brown before. 

This is 2 of many more projects to come. Some for my classroom and some for our house. We have lived here nearly 2 years and we still haven't painted. All colors for bedrooms have been picked out, not to actually paint them. The guest bathroom has already been done and now to paint the master bathroom. Starting with the small and to me, the most difficult. Bathrooms have so many corners and edges to worry about. Ugh!

Do you have any summer projects that you plan to complete? 

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