Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days: Intro

I look forward to being a part of the 31 days of Living that The Nesting Place host in October. I just found out about it and have really been thinking about it all weekend. I am new to it and may not have the entire idea down completely, but I sure am going to go for it! 

For the next 31 days, I plan on showing how we juggle everything we have going in our lives. This is one of the busiest periods in our lives, but I constantly strive to have joy in all we do, not just living through the motions. Aside from the normal busy of having 3 children, we are also youth leaders in our church, newly team managers of a Destination Imagination team, I am in the last year and a half of my schooling for my teaching degree, and we are in the middle of purchasing a house. All of this requires a LOT of juggling, but we also love our life. 

As a part of my 31 days, I thought I would show glimpses of our craziness, along with showing you how I manage to juggle it all. Do you have a crazy life? Are you struggling to do with all of it? What things do you let go of and which things do you put in front? How do you organize it all? These are the types of topics I will be approaching a long the way. I look forward to having you here! Remember finding the joy in your crazy is what makes life amazing. Always choose JOY! 

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