Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days-Day 3: Making it the Best

Out of everything we juggle, I often struggle with the time I spend on doing my own schoolwork. It's very frustrating to me to have my family in every direction of the house doing their thing and not being able to participate in it with them. More often than not, I will wait until bedtime to do my homework. On the days that it's just not possible for me to do that, I have come to the realization that it should be done when they are also working on their homework or have some creative time. They love to draw, color, and create things, so why not have them do it when I am also working. It's not at all something that is forced upon them, but I have started to notice that more and more, they are choosing to come sit with me while I do my school work. I have become especially fond of these moments, it's during these moments that I get to see them be creative and hear the chatter between all of them. 

This was tonight when they were both creating their own things, his picture of what I am told is a "bolt action rifle" and her book about her family. My oldest was in her room reading tonight, which is good too. 

Make sure to take those undesirable, but unavoidable tasks and make them special too.  While I hate having to work on the homework, my family is sitting right here beside me, supporting and loving me enough to be there. 

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