Monday, September 3, 2012

Ummm yeah....I don't know....

Do you ever have those moments when you know that what you need to be doing and what you are actually doing are two different things? How about when those moments are occurring, you really can't do anything to change it, what then? I am exhausted and yet here I lay, wide awake, knowing that I have a very long day ahead of me. Oh, how I have learned to hate these moments.

I have major anxiety before every new semester, but this one is especially getting to me. I managed to leave some of my hardest classes till the end and now I have them both in the same semester. Not too brilliant on my part. Pair that with the nerves of waiting to hear back from our agent on whether the bank of the house we are trying to buy accepted our bid and we got some crazy thoughts!

Did I mention in this crazy time that we also have a new 7th grader in our house who isn't coping well with her new responsibilities and changes at school? Yeah. Fun stuff right there. She truly is my child. Oh anxiety, how we curse you!

Oh wait! How about this fun bit. I decided to motivate said 7th grader in running that I pushed myself harder than ever before in order to show her that if old mom can do it, so can she! Ha! Mom shouldn't have done it, I am not an elegant waddler. Just saying, it's not pretty.

What else is on this plate of mine? Miss Squeaky (she really needs a new nickname now that she really doesn't squeak anymore) has ruptured the cyst on her finger. Again. We go for an MRI on Wednesday to see the full extent of what is going on. This Dr seems very thorough, I am hoping we will have better answers as to why the first surgery with the other Dr. didn't work. A big giant ruptured cyst is apparently not a recommended thing when its on your writing hand. Poor girl.

With all that said, we are also still working with our youth, whom we love so stinking much. God truly is awesome. We were so concerned that it wasn't for us. Ha! I bet He is laughing at us, He has got this!

We are also currently praying about whether we should be helping with our young adults group. This would be the college age students/ young adults that are in that in between stage of life where they aren't quite comfortable in the other adult (mostly married) groups, yet too old for youth group. It would add to our plate, but we can see it working too. Praying.

Have I mentioned in this crazy random spewing, how much I love my children? They are all in such different stages of life that it is truly fun to watch them interact and change. Some days it is fun, somedays it's insanity, but man I love them!

Ok. Randomness over. For now. :-)

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