Sunday, September 23, 2012

Surgery...hopefully for the last time...

Lil Miss had surgery on Friday for her giant cell tumor to be removed from her finger. We did this same surgery last year, but between the Dr not getting it all out and it just growing back, we were back here again. We went to a pediatric specialist this time at Children's Hospital and he did an awesome job! He saved her tendon (it was a risk of having to be removed), but still got out the entire thing. He said it was bigger than expected, he had to remove a part of her skin, but he said everything looked good.

The most amazing part of this surgery this time is that the anesthesia Dr was aware that she struggles with recovery. It is very hard on her, she ends up vomiting and stays extremely agitated. They took me seriously with how bad she struggled and used an assortment of medicines to help with it and she came out of it without any vomiting or crying! She cried one time when they were taking out her IV and that was it! I was amazed and felt extremely blessed that it went so well. 

We did come to the realization that she is allergic to latex. We initially thought it was her pain meds, but when it was only getting worse and she wasn't getting any meds, we realized the rash was coming from the bandages they wrapped her hand with. We had to remove it all, gave her multiple doses of Benadryl and it finally stopped getting worse. She is doing 100% better this morning!

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