Saturday, January 7, 2012

My New Addiction

My new hobby! We took a trip to Indiana, which I hope to post about later, and learned how to knit from my Aunt. I have been wanting to know how to knit for such a long time and I love it! I have known how to crochet for several years and can now cross this off my list too. Here are my first few projects. Everyone around here has been getting scraves. I have also made a couple of wash cloths, but don't have any pictures of those. Love them!!

My very first project!

 One that I made for my favorite co-worker who is always trying to fatten me up with her amazing made from scratch yummies!

 Madame Emotions lime green one, actually one of my favorites. The picture doesn't do it justice, the color is so shiney and pretty!

 The start of my next scarf, for Miss Squeakers

My next goal is to figure out how to make a headband to use when I go running that covers my ears too! Oh and the best part?? My husband, the manly man, learned to knit too while we were there! And he is starting on his first scarf this week. It just makes me smile to think of him knitting.

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