Friday, March 11, 2011

Venting by Crazy Me!

I am feeling the need to bare with me! Is it bare with me or bear with me??....hmmm....anyways....I have been dealing with some odd issues medically and been back and forth to the Dr. trying to figure it out. If your uncomfortable with too much personal info...come back to visit another day! :)

Odd and random symptoms that make me sound like a nut job when I go to the Dr. :

*Extreme Fatigue- beyond the normal for a mom of 3.
*Random sharp pains in my side- come at odd times and are progressively getting worse. They have zero consistant pattern of occurance but can last a few minutes to hours!
*Dime size lump in my neck- been there since atleast October when I first noticed it. Currently just discovered another one but smaller than the other. They are next to each other.
*Breast Secretions- only comes out of one breast. I have had a hysterectomy. I have one sole ovary left. I have not breastfed any of my children in over 4 years so should not have anything in there. This has been going on for awhile...maybe 6 months or so.
*Night Sweats-not every single night but enough to drive me crazy but figured came with only having one ovary left.

Here is what the Dr has done. I have had blood work done, the normal CBC counts, thyroid check and some other things checked. All came back normal. I don't have any thyroid issues, I'm not anemic, and no mono. and some other things I am not. She told me maybe I was depressed which explains the fatigue and she figured my horomones were causing the breast secreation and to take horomones to balance me out. I refused to do this until she did blood work to check my horomone levels because my ob/gyn dr. said to never take pills for horomones unless we knew there was an actual imbalance. So, she concedes to this (she was a bit annoyed with me) and I have my levels checked. They are normal. So she then said don't worry about the horomones, your fine. Again gives me the spill about being depressed. She has never tried to explain what the lump could be from. Yet, that still doesn't explain the breast secreation, side pain, or the lump. If I honestly thought for one tiny second depression could be it, I would not be that person who fights the Dr. We are busy as hell but I promise depressed is not my mind frame. If you had asked me this a few months ago, maybe, because I was so stressed and having anxiety attacks like crazy but I am telling you, this is not the same.

I don't understand a Dr. who tells me to take estrogen without even knowing if it's needed. I don't understand a Dr. who then says, "oh well, I guess you don't need estrogen, I guess your just depressed." Depression does not explain the lumps, the pain, or the secreation. So, why did she just send me home without trying to figure out WHY those things are happening??

Anyways, she tells me your probably depressed and you need to just work out to build your energy. Here is my issue on this. I have gotten to where I actually LOVE to work's my stress relief, my "me" time, so when I say that I have gotten to the point that I can't hardly make it through any workout without feeling completely wiped out, I know there is something going on with me. It's not me! I didn't lose all that weight to be considered a lazy person who just doesn't want to work out. I want to do it and I do it everyday but the intensity is lacking.

I am sooo frustrated. The pain in the side is getting worse, the lump is getting bigger, now there is another tiny one. The secreation hasn't gone away. The fatigue is always there. always. What do you do? Seriously, what do I do now? She makes me feel like a nut job! I honestly might believe its all in my head if it wasn't for the fact that I have solid physical proof that something is going on.

Pure frustration at this point and it's not like I can just go to a differnt Dr. We currently do not have health insurance and won't until August or so. I guess really until then, I do nothing and hope that it goes away but the frustration in the meantime...well is frustrating.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I don't know what to say buy a lot of what you are going through I have too. Maybe it's just age not really sure. I have had so many doctors appts. and have gotten no were. Just keep doing what you are doing and maybe one day you will know the answers.

Fiona said...

You are right to be frustrated. I wouldn't like it if a doctor told me to go on hormones without even checking my bloodwork.
What a pain that you can't go to another doctor and get another opinion.
And I don't understand why the doc doesn't look more carefully at your physical symptoms, whether or not there is something 'mental' going on too.
Hang in there, I wish I could do something to help.

Beth said...

My mom was pressured by her doc to go on hormone replacement therapy when she hit menopause. They never got the dosage right, and changed the levels every 2 months, for SEVEN years. She was living in hell, and so were we. You are absolutely correct to question this doctor and the (seemingly unnecessary) push to put you on estrogen.

Has she checked the lumps out with an MRI or X-ray or anything? Or maybe go to a dermatologist about them (just to see what she says about what could be causing them...a second opinion from a different angle).

The side pain is, to me, the most worrisome sounding. I hope that they've done something to take a look inside you and make sure it isn't a broken rib or anything severe.
Good luck!

Shannon said...


Just... UGH.

Hope you (and the docs) can find an answer soon. I can't imagine how horribly frustrating this is. {hugs}

Beth said...

I don't even have words...I'm baffled by the craziness of some doctors! I am praying for you for sure and I sure hope that you find the RIGHT doctor who can help with each individual issue. *hugs*

Brandy@YDK said...

I'm so sorry. I wish you could go to a different dr because that one sounds like a crackpot. Could you possibly try to research it on your own then take your research to the dr?