Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ms. Squeakers is having surgery tomorrow. I am a jumbled mess of nerves. It was not a set surgery, not expected. Went to the Dr. this morning at 7:45am and come back at 5:00 this evening with knowing we have surgery in the morning. It's not a comfortable feeling. At all.

We spent the morning with the pediatrician who then referred us to the surgeon, who then says, yes she needs surgery. Like immediately. Hmm...like now? They said no, we can wait a bit. Like till tomorrow. So, then the rest of the day was spent registering for surgery, setting up payments, and all that fun jazz that makes things complicated when you don't have health insurance.

All in all, I know she will be fine. It's a quick surgery. She has a cyst on her finger. It's been there since she was 2 and now suddenly it's a problem. It's massive in the last two weeks. It's taking over her entire finger and making it hard for her to move it which isn't good seeing as it's on her writing hand. Did I mention that they mentioned cancer? Yeah. Nope...nerves. Not handling them too well in this moment.

So, yes this is a off the wall post. Weird in fact, I am asking for prayer. Prayer for my daughter's surgery to go smoothly. Prayer for the pathology reports to come back normal. Prayer for my nerves. She will be fine. We will be fine. Praying through our nerves.

A God moment happen today that I do want to share and will try to post for tomorrow before I go to sleep tonight. I have to get some homework done and then will post.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

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Brandy@YDK said...

oh my goodness. i hope everything goes perfect and it's not a big deal.