Monday, December 17, 2012

No Sense to be Made

When the world is aching from an unimaginable, horrific crime that no one can understand, how do we then help our children make any sense of it? I am truly at a loss, my 12 year old is old enough to understand the full horror of it. She is TERRIFIED to go to school. How do we tell her she is okay? She can't believe it. The only words that I could tell her tonight was that she was God's child, above all, she is His. She is okay, she is loved, and she belongs to him. I struggle with that being enough for me right now, so I am positive it's not for her either. Leaving them at school today, I repeatedly had to say, "they are His children" In life and in death, they belong to Him. He blesses me with the privilege of loving them.

The horror those children went through, it's just not right. It can't and won't ever make any sense. I ache and can't get it off my mind, how can their parents/families? They can't, it is their new life and it is hell. Only a parent who has lost a child of their own could understand that pain.

All I have to offer are my prayers, ones of comfort, peace, and love to those who are broken, their worlds shattered.

I can also promise my children, to love and cherish them, tomorrow it could be gone, I must love them with everything in me and make sure they know without a doubt that they are loved.

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